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Understanding the Probabilities Game in Forex Trading

In the field of forex trading, nothing is certain as far as price prediction is concerned and anybody who says never traded or sell a pot of gold at a rainbow’s end. The Game of Probabilities in Forex Trading dependents on the position of the currency market. Either the cost is more likely to be in your favour or not. The ability to identify areas on a chart that are most likely to succeed in business is skill As trader, our goal is not to believe that we can forecast the next irrational reaction to future news we can’t predict but to create a system that can increase the probability of our success (technical or fundamental). Trading is a chance game and the simpler the time you have to track the price movement in your forex charts the more you understand the prices, percentages of the numbers, statistical sequences, etc., and the better your forex analysis. For qualify as a profitable retail trader, you do not need a PhD in mathematics, engineering, or quantitative analysis. But und…